Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rescued Pup

My very kind neighbour was leaving work yesterday and noticed something moving in the snowbank.  Lo and behold it was a puppy, no more than two months old, covered in snow looking weak and exhausted.  He picked up the puppy and put it in his truck, then went in the store to purchase food and treat for the poor little fella (which turns out is a female).  One of the managers wanted to see the pup so he brought it in to let it sniff around while he shopped.  This sickly little puppy was weaving around she was so weak.  He brought her home, fed her and gave her water.   She was dirty and skinny, but a good bath and lots of food seems to have perked her up.  When she was let out to pee in the morning she wasn't too anxious to go out the door, for fear she would not be let back in.    Today she was playful and happy, jumping and playing like any puppy would.  When he let her out to pee again she paused at the door, worried he would not let her back in the house.  She stood outside with one paw still  in the doorway so we couldn't shut the door on her. We are not allowed animals in this apartment complex, but he is really hoping he can keep her.
I don't know how people can neglect their animal that badly.  Even though people here like having their dogs, many of the locals leave them tied outside no matter what the weather.  Someone in town lost all their pups a few weeks ago because they froze to death outside.  There is no animal shelter here, if the dog is picked up by the bylaw officer, I hear they are left in a cage on the tundra and are no better off.  This makes me heartsick for these neglected dogs. 

There is a couple in town that spend their own money getting wood to build and donate little houses for dogs that they see tied outside out in the open. Please, if you are reading this and you have pets, spay or neuter them so there are less unwanted animals roaming around.

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