Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lazy Daisy No More

When I met my husband, I was a very svelt 123lbs.  All muscle, I might add.  My husband was a lanky 185lbs.  Fast forward 14 years and I am now pushing 160lbs.  Mark has also added a couple dozen pounds to his frame.  He is much more athletic than me though, so the weight looks good on him.  I can't blame my weight gain on my daughter, I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight of 135lbs two weeks after she was born.  I just can't seem to stop focusing on the joy of eating these last few years.  I have some hard work ahead of me but, thanks to my new (to me) manual treadmill, I am hoping to change all that.  I think the parts of my body that bother me the most are my roly-poly arms.  For someone that used to be so thin, I never had very slim arms to begin with.  I never had to dress to camouflage them either, but now I choose my wardrobe carefully.  If I can't control my eating, I will control my level of activity.  I managed a full three minutes of fast paced walking on this slightly inclined treadmill, and had to take a break.  A long road ahead.


  1. You can do it! I lost 65 pounds a few years ago through counting calories. It is hard, but doable.

  2. Wow, 65lbs! That's fantastic Megan! I am so addicted to sugar. Sugar is love! Every bite brings elation. I really should quit cold turkey.

  3. I never had what it takes to quit sugar, but I'm told it takes about a week and then you're into the home stretch.

    I started drinking diet 7-Up whenever I wanted something sweet. This is a dangerous game, or so says the research, because it can be easy to overeat when you know you've had a diet soda. But if you can stick to your calorie limit, the diet soda is a big help. At least that's what I found.