Saturday, April 16, 2011

Refashioned T-Shirt

I finished this t-shirt today.  It was originally a men's Southpole t-shirt.  I removed the crew neck and made a new wider neckline on it.  I put some pleats on the shoulders to give them a little puff and a small gather at the end of the sleeve.  The chest was sectioned into two seperate pieces and sewn back together.  I wanted to add some rusching to the bottom part where it meets the Southpole lettering but it didn't quite work out.  Not enough fabric for that, so I just sewed it back together with the little bit of rusching I could do.  The Southpole lettering had to suffer an amputation because it was too low on the chest but I'm quite happy with it.  I bought the t-shirt on clearance for $1.99 at the Northern so I wouldn't have been too heartbroken if didn't turn out.