Thursday, November 4, 2010

On To Baker Lake

After a hiatus of many months, I am finally able to blog again. Due to a coffee spill (my husband's, not mine!) I was no longer able to use my laptop, many of the keys just didn't work. I tried cleaning it and made some headway, but was still missing my letters T,Y,G,H, the backspace and tab. I tried cutting and pasting updates on Facebook for awhile but that is way too much work to post updates on my blog. Anyway, I was finally able to afford a new laptop, so here I am.

In October, my husband and I moved our family to Baker Lake, Nunavut. I have to say I am enjoying my job very much here. I do miss Iqaluit though, it was much more of a happening spot.

My daughter has gone from an all-French school to an English-Inuktituk school. There are no bars here as it is a dry town. Not much opportunity to socialize in an adult only setting. Lots of opportunity to meet other moms though when I pick up my daughter from school, or go to the indoor play gym at the community centre.

This passed weekend, I took my daughter out for Halloween. It was cold, but not too bad. Up here the kids either wear their costume over their winter gear, or trick or treat with a mask or makeup. Sarah had a long princess gown peaking out the bottom of her coat and a princess crown over her hat. Didn't take long for people to run out of candy, some kids were shuttled around by their parents on skidoos or 4 wheelers. We were travelling behind the mob, so many of the houses were tapped out by the time we got there! No worries though, Sarah had fun and still managed to get quite a bit of candy. She has enough to last her a few weeks at least!

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