Thursday, November 11, 2010

Around Town

Here are some of the landmarks around Baker Lake.  The pictures are not very bright, they were taken at 8:45am a couple of days ago.
This is the Northern store.  This is where you shop for clothes, groceries, electronics etc. The  post office is also in the Northern as well as a KFC and PizzaHut.  This is where people come to cash their cheques since there is no bank in town.

The Jessie Oonark Centre.  They sell locally made arts and crafts including jewelry, wallhangings and stone sculptures.

The Catholic church

This building houses the town's pool.  It is only open during the summer.

 The community centre, sorry it's a little dark.  There is a hockey rink in here (I'll post more pictures later) as well as an indoor playgym like you would find at McDonald's only twice as big.  The kids come to play here every day after school.  Each age group has a time slot.

They are building the new Co-op store here.

The rear view of the new highschool

The Iglu hotel

On my walk to work, a view of the main road.

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