Sunday, November 28, 2010

A New Beginning

These last few years I have been thinking a lot about 'what would my life be like if...'  One of those 'ifs' was university.  How different would my life be now if I had gone to university instead of college.  My goals and interests now are very different  than they were when I was 19.  At that age I would have entered university to become an archaeologist.  Being that I was too shy to leave home, I instead went to college to become a secretary.  My shyness and lack of self confidence even then did not allow me to pursue the field.  Instead, I worked in a call centre.  When it closed its doors, I took a job in a factory.  During this time, I met my husband who was in college taking an electronics course.  It was the 1990's and the field was booming.  I signed up with a little encouragement from him and graduated. I was an electronics engineering technician.  I worked as a technician for a wonderful company for three years, then the market tanked.  Nortel sold our facility to another company.  Withing two years we were closed and I was out of work.  Luckily, I found another job as a technician in my home town.  I worked there for five years always afraid of lay-offs, with good reason.  Such is the nature of the manufacturing world. After being off work  for five months due to an illness, I was laid off. That company is still struggling but is managing to stay open.  I would never work in contract manufacturing again.  I have overcome my shyness and enjoy working with the public very much.  And so, I've decided it is time to go back to school.  I will be taking my courses part-time and online, working towards a Bachelor of Social Work, so I can still hold down a full-time job and pay the bills.  I am happy I won't be retiring and still saying to myself  "I wish I would have..."

On a lighter note, I took some pretty pictures outside today and here they are.  It's a beautiful clear day and I'm hoping tonight we can see the Northern Lights.  We'll see!


  1. Thought I'd make a few short comments.

    First, I'm here by random chance. Clicked from several Blogs beginning from one in Arizona (also where I'm from) ending up here. Actually, it is pretty interesting as I see that social media is everywhere. Even places that one wouldn't expect. I am getting a taste of life way up North. I lived in Anchorage in the late 70's - I've been reminded of a few things I forgot (about the North) I'm glad that you have the internet to the 'outside'. It probably makes the time and isolation less severe. All we had in the 70's was Ham Radio (I'm KB7ZZV) as the means to freely communicate with the world. Our telephone connection to the world was the RCA Alascom satellite. Damn thing echoed severely to the point of being unusable.

    Let me compliment you on the photos. They catch the character of your surroundings. I forgot the clearness of the air and the brightness of the unfiltered sun hanging on the horizon on a winter's day. Your pictures reminded me of that.

    You were an electronic tech? That is my profession (since 1972). I guess that I have been fortunate in the profession. Never out of work. I got to travel all over the US as a field engineer then overseas as the same. Success came due to two things - flexibility in learning new things and learning how to program in several languages. I'm close to retirement now. My bride of 35 years & myself are looking forwards to that day.

    We wish you and your family the best.


  2. Thank you Delbert, I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. Having the internet helps with the boredom here for sure. It's nice to have Skype and such to video chat with family. Doesn't seem like we are so far away. Bet you wish you had that in the 70's! I know what you mean about the echoing phone line, it was terrible when I lived in Iqaluit. i don't know if you saw the picture of the moon and Venus I took in a later post, I think you might like that one too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!