Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back To Crafting

I have to admit, the original purpose of this blog has seriously gone to the wayside.  I haven't been using my free time very efficiently.  Mostly tv watching, obsessively monitoring Facebook and doing housework.  I need to snap out of 'getting-through-each-day' mode and get back to creating. 

I love to see what's new (to me) in the world of arts and crafts so I've been looking around on Etsy and came across some super fun crochet projects that got me excited about learning this craft.

Check out this link

Of course this project is way out of my league but it serves to inspire me to get started creating something fabulous.  So maybe I'll start here .

I thought this was so adorable, and something I could use for my coffee at work.  I am always using the cardboard coffee sleeves so as not to burn my fingers.  This little reusable cozy will do the trick!  I think my coworkers will get a kick out of this too!

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