Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Year's Knitting Ambitions

I began knitting my daughter a hat today and it looks like it's going to fit.  I'm really happy this didn't turn out to be a 'just for practice' project.  This is usually what I end up with when I decide to practice my knitting with whatever yarn I have laying around the house with whatever needles I decide to use.  Anyway, I'm winging it on this hat (my first) with size 8 circular needles and chunky yarn.  I am learning to knit a little more loosely too which is helping with the stiffness and cramping in my fingers and hands.  Now that I am off and running on a viable project I feel confident that I can accomplish a few neat propjects this year.  So here it is, my list of projects that I hope to accomplish this year.

1. One rolled brim hat for my daughter
2. Four pairs of socks
3. Love Bites-For Him sweater from the Vampire Knits book
4. Pulse Protector cowl from the Vampire Knits book
5. Sidhe Lace Shrug from the Vampire Knits book

Seems ambitious for a beginner, I know.  I'm very excited and motivated to become an accomplished knitter.  I finally received some of my yarn in the mail from Knitpicks, now I am waiting for the 29" circular needles I ordered on eBay to get started on my husband's sweater.  If by some miracle I complete all these projects, I will update my list.  I also ordered a couple of books from Knitpicks since they are having a 40 off sale right now so I have quite a few fabulous projects to choose from!

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