Saturday, January 22, 2011

Feeling Homesick

As much as I like the people of Baker Lake as well as my job and the perks it brings, I have a heavy heart these days because I wish I could have stayed in Iqaluit.  My daughter could have gone to L'Ecole des Trois Soleils, the french school there and kept her friends from daycare.  She would have received a stellar French education as most of the teachers are from Quebec.  There is much more for her to do year round there, like swimming lessons, gymnastics and the movie theatre.  There was much more for me to do to.  I miss the little places I would visit on my days off like Baffin Flowers and the Fantasy Palace.  I went to that coffee shop every Thursday to have a coffee and read my book for a couple of hours.  I would then head over to Baffin Flowers and pick out a new nail polish or cute hair accessory for my daughter.  That store was full of everything a girl would want to shop for. I feel much more isolated here, the cost of airfare from Baker Lake to Ottawa is outrageous.  Iqaluit to Ottawa was still expensive, but manageable.  The view was prettier in Iqaluit as well, it is very hilly and little streams run across the community everywhere you go.  When I close my eyes and think of a happy place, it is usually a walk in a forest back home or Iqaluit by a stream in the summer.  Maybe some day I will be back...

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