Thursday, February 25, 2010

We make our own fun in the North

Before I moved here, I have to say I was not an outdoorsy person.  Definitely stayed indoors during the winter, and the summer for that matter.  Since we've been here though, I've come to embrace the weather and snow. Almost every day, I pull my daughter home on her sled.  It's gotten so much use, there is a hole in one end of the sled from all the wear and tear.  I have to say, I got my $25 worth. 
Today, my coworker told me she saw some kids sliding down a hill on garbage bags.   Not only is it a cheap thrill , apparently you slide down the hill at break neck spead.  When I discussed this with a friend of mine, she told me when she was a girl, they would slide down the hill on seal skins!  Apparently you could make it down the hill lightning fast.  Oh, the good old days!  These days, I view wearing seal skin as a luxury.  But back then I suppose seal skin was so abundant, you could spare some to let your kids play with.  I actually saw a child with what looked like wolf fur pants last month.  I would love a pair of those, they looked so warm!  Definitely an item you wouldn't find anywhere else but the North!

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