Friday, February 12, 2010

The Innocent Musings of a Four Year Old

Last night, I read to my daughter the story of The Gingerbread Man.  She loves this story, and has been asking for it these last couple of nights.  After the story, I told her I would lie down with her for a while until she fell asleep.  She is normally a very active child from morning to night, so she will stay up 'till 9:30 if I don't keep her company for a while.  Anyway, I closed my eyes and relaxed but she was being way too quiet.  She would normally at this point be asking for water, another story, another kiss and a hug, a different pj etc., so I opened my eyes and looked over at her.  She was staring off, deep in thought.  I asked her what she was thinking about.  She said she was wondering why the gingerbread man was able to run faster than everybody else, and how was the fox able to eat the gingerbread man, and how does the gingerbread man run anyway?  Isn't he a cookie?

I wish she would stay four years old forever.  I love being her number one, I love that she is so honest when I ask her a question, I love that she needs me.  She is so funny and happy and loving and generous.  Pure of heart.  Those words come to mind when I think of my daughter.  I wish I could have ten more just like her.

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