Monday, December 29, 2008


I just had to share this with everyone. My three year old daughter got the peanut butter out while I was in the shower. She opened it and put both her hands in it all the way to the bottom. What a mess! I don't know what she was thinking. Maybe she thought how cool and squishy it felt, or maybe she was looking for a prize at the bottom of the jar. Who knows! I took her to the computer room and with a stern look on my face (it was really hard not to laugh) I told her to stand still so I can take her picture. I then washed it all off ( and she had smeared it all over herself) and promptly sent her to her room to think about what she had done! And what did I then do? I sent the picture to everyone on my email list, of course! Too funny, I can't wait to scrapbook this one!

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