Saturday, January 16, 2010

So, it's been a while

So much has happened in the last year, where do I start. Big move for us a few months ago. We packed up and moved to Nunavut! We love it up here, even with the crazy cold weather. Today was no exception, temperature with the windchill was -52C . That's about -62 Farenheit. You know its cold when the locals are complaining about the weather!

When we moved here, we decided not to buy a car. Gas is expensive, about $1.35/litre or $5/ gallon. We don't live too far from work, and if we need to take a taxi, rides are only $6 per person, and kids ride free. I usually take a taxi to bring Sarah to daycare in the morning. Then I either walk or cab it to work, depending on the weather. So a couple of days ago, I'm walking back from the daycare with Sarah in the sled. It's a 30 min walk, it's -44C with the wind, I forgot to wear my snowpants so I'm freezing and the wind is stinging my legs. Hurrying as best I can to get back home before I turn into a popsicle. Sarah starts mumbling some complaints, I can barely hear her over the wind and traffic. mommy......Mommy...MOMMMYYYY!! I finally stop and ask her 'What's wrong?' and she says ...KNOCK KNOCK!

Glad to know she is toasty warm in her Canada Goose parka and snowpants with Baffin boots. I, on the other hand, am still wearing the short jacket I wore in Ontario and am feeling the wrath of winter. My biggest mistake wasn't only forgetting my snowpants when I left for work in the morning, but wearing the tightest jeans I own. Lesson learned, I will be toting my winter gear with me everywhere I go from now on! We do live just below the arctic circle after all.


  1. Welcome back to Blogland. Love the updated look. It will be fun to hear your adventures from the frozen north. I spend the winter with long underwear on and I only live near the St. Lawrence!

  2. Glad you put this link up on facebook! So much more fun to read someone's news on a blog. I have one too but don't update much. Maybe it's time!

  3. Welcome to the north!

    You will find there is a large blogging community in Nunavut. A lot of them are in Iqaluit. Cape Dorset briefly held the title but I think Iqaluit is the blogging capital of Nunavut now.

    Have fun and enjoy Nunavut!

  4. Welcome to the north - I live over in Kugaaruk, and love to scrapbook as well....unfortunately the north is missing their own scrapbooking store, but I have found a few great online stores that don't charge an arm and a leg to ship up here!!! Look forward to hearing how you enjoy Iqaluit!

  5. Hello Chantal

    I wish you and your family all the best in Iqaluit, must be an exciting time. My wife
    and I are trying to get posted with North Mart
    in Iqaluit, looking forward to that call. Chantal just curious what line of work you and your husband are in? What other opportunities are happening in Iqaluit? Please email if you have the time.

    Thanks, Kerry